Seasoned Episode 1 - Dart Ceviche

Who doesn't love a campsite cook up?!

Something about us wanderers means that we are drawn to the fire, like moths to a flame. Starry skies, smokey hair, warm drinks in hand… It's the magic that makes the earth spin.

Because we love camping feasts so much, we are sharing our favourite recipes with you!

Welcome to “Seasoned”.

Hungry? Get them into you right here, right now.



Episode 1 - Quick & Delicious
 Dart Ceviche with Mikey Yeowart


3 x Dart
1 x Eschalot
3 x Garlic cloves
1 x Chilli long red
2 x Limes
1/2 x Orange
2 x Baby Cucumbers
10 x Cherry Tomatoes
1 x Avocado
+ a bag of your fave potato chips


1. Reel in and prep your catch of the day! (fillet and dice)
2. Finely chop eschalot & chilli
3. Crush and finely chop garlic
4. Prep juice of 2 x limes & 1/2 x orange
5. Combine dart, eschalot, chilli, lime and orange juice in a bowl. Season with a huge pinch of salt & generous crack of pepper. Stir all ingredients in, and set aside in the fridge or esky for 20 mins.
6. While waiting, dice the baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes & avocado.
7. After 20 mins is up, remove original ingredients from fridge and stir in these remaining ingredients.
8. Serve up with a side of your favourite potato chips

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