Dannielle Darcy, the founder and photographer behind the online brand YORO, feels the outback spirit in her blood. 

A creator, Cowgirl and photographic documentor of life in the vast N.T, Dannielle captures moments in the lives of Cowboys and country livin’.

Her photography not only captures moments, but effortlessly entices us to imagine the conversations, the noises, smells, dust, mud and laughter in those moments. And sometimes the silence. 

With the family property stretching over 1 million acres, the legacy of the land is an important thread in Dannielle’s life. 

Her imagery, passion and voice for the outback is sure to impact Australia in ways most of us will never truly understand. For now though, we celebrate her as a future leader. The outback spirit is strong in this one.


Stratus Outdoors Q&A with Dannielle Darcy

Q: There’s something magic about the Outback, is the love in your blood or did it find you?

A: There’s something addictive about the Outback, I would definitely say that it's in my blood as my great grandparents made their home in the outback and now four generations succeeding, I have made it my home as well.

Q: If you could trade the dust and bulls for anywhere else in the world for a month, where would it be?

A: Haha! Can I say dust and bulls in America?! I think it would be really cool to see the different practices around the world, but in the same industries.


Q: Most epic camping failure?

A: On a recent girls trip to Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem) in East Arnhem Land we thought we’d take a shortcut home and ended up getting lost and bogged only to have to turn around go home the long way we had come in, adding an extra 2 hours to our already 10 hours trip home lol.

 Q: So seriously, crocs. Had any close encounters?

A: The only close encounter I’ve had with Crocs so far is almost being swayed to buy a pair but luckily my fashion sense has prevailed.


Q: Most of us Aussies only head to the more well known Outback destinations when we head on inland adventures. Any secret spots that you just can not believe aren't on the map? - and that you are willing to share?!

A: Poppy’s Pools – Thermal Pools 

 “These thermal pools are situated 70 kilometres from Cape Crawford on Bauhinia Downs Station, traditionally owned by Harry Lansen from the Gudanji tribe. The pool is located at the end of a beautiful gorge where you have to paddle a short distance in the small boat to reach Poppy’s Pools. The water that feeds Poppy’s Pools rushes boiling from the deep underground and settles at a constant 27 Celsius, which discourages critters, notably of the crocodilian variety, that otherwise inhabit the region.”

Q: Can you sum up your perspective on the outback living in 3 words?

A: Untouched, wholesome, addictive.

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